Optional Accessories You Must Consider Buying

You may be familiar with the essential pieces of equipment in archery, but here are some of the more optional pieces of equipment:

Arm Guard

The name is self-explanatory. The arm guard can either be used to cover your forearm or your entire arm. This depends on your personal preference and dress code. When you are shooting an arrow, there is a possibility that your sleeve, hair or skin may come in contact which will ruin the experience.


Gloves will help protect your hand and fingers because when you are shooting arrows, you are going to use your fingers to pull the arrow and release it. Gloves will prevent blisters and damage to your skin. Otherwise, you will fail to continue shooting arrows for a longer duration. Some advance gloves or finger tabs also come with spacers to help keep the fingers apart.

Arrow Rest

Although it is not compulsory, you must consider buying an arrow rest. Arrow rest is where the arrow is placed before it is drawn or pulled backward on the bow. Without an arrow rest, you will find it difficult to shoot arrows and will often miss targets. You may use your hand but this arrangement cannot continue for longer periods of time.

Broadhead Wrench

Broadhead tips are difficult to remove from arrows. Some archers end up damaging their fingers from the arrow tip. Therefore, a broad head wrench is used because it will allow you to unscrew the tip easily.

Bow String Wax

The bowstring is made up of thousands of small strands that are only visible if you use a magnifying glass. You will need bow string wax to take care of these fiber strands. Otherwise, you will run the risk of snapping your bowstring in the middle of a hunt.

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