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Zenith Archery Products
Has been acquired by 60X Custom Stings
of Cowansville PA, owned and operated by Mr. Brad Patsy. Visit their web site at www.60XCustomStrings.com. Please refer all inquiries to info@60XCustomStrings.com
After a short delay, all of your favorite Zenith products should be available from 60X. The Bitz Upgrade is in stock and can be ordered from 60X by following the instructions found further down on this page and using the Pay Pal address
Zenith thanks for your support over the years
and hopes you'll continue to use our products as supplied by Brad at 60X

Joe Bauernfeind


Welcome to Zenith Archery Products!
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If you shoot a back tension release, are in the market for one or are just considering the possibilities, you've landed in the right place.If you shoot a concho release, trigger release or any other type of archery release and think a back tension release won't work for you, please spend some time here, look over our wares and visit our Frequently Asked Questions page...you may be surprised by what you learn. Zenith Archery Products is considered the Leader in back tension release technology for many reasons. We're not the oldest manufacturer of back tension releases, nor are we the largest, but consider the following:

ZAP is the Leader in comfort and ergonomic design, with all of our three and four finger releases, from the very first one we've produced, being shaped precisely to fit the gradual increase of the curve of the human hand at the point where the release is gripped, (thus it was named the "Comfort"). This allows for a more relaxed shot set up. And all of our machined releases have always been CNC cut from 5/8" stock using special form cutters and fully radiused curves for maximum comfort. ZAP is the Leader in technical innovation-the "clicker" cam and the practice cam were both pioneered and introduced by ZAP, long before they appeared on any competitor's product (regardless of what they say!). These innovations allowed some of the best shooters to further improve their shot, and reduce "target panic".

ZAP also introduced the "Flip-It" head in the winter of 2001, once again bringing true innovation to the previously docile world of back tension releases. This creative design allows you to cock your release and relax...it will stay set, no matter which way you move your hand. No more shaking your release like a baby rattle to set it, no more treating your cocked release like a hot cup of coffee until you set it on your bow. Standard on all Comfort releases.

Also new in 2002 is the knurled thumb peg, which is included with all of our Comfort "+" model releases. It can be screwed into the release handle from either side, to accommodate both left and right handed shooters, or not used at all. Here it is shown on our 4 finger Flame model.

ZAP is the Leader in back tension release safety, the unique anchor point of our wrist strap and the practice cam allow you to learn how to shoot (or improve) your back tension release shot with less risk of misfires or lost arrows. And of course, we're the only manufacturer offering the "No Punch Method" training kit (until the others catch up!).

ZAP is the Leader in quality design and manufacture, with all of our releases using a fully machined head, with the head shell being fully CNC machined from aircraft aluminum instead of being stamped steel and then bent into shape as with some of our competitor's products. Closer tolerances, better alignment, better accuracy...better shots! Please take the time to learn more about our quality manufacturing process here.

And of course, ZAP is the Leader in customer service, with all our releases guaranteed for the life of the release. And you can purchase from us with complete confidence-the only customer we don't want is a dissatisfied one!

Zenith Bitzenburger Upgrade

Zenith Archery Products has introduced a new upgraded nock receiver for your Bitzenburger fletching jig. The replacement body will fit directly into your jig and will still adjust for all three different fletching patterns. The original receiver held the arrow only by a loose fit on the nock. The new receiver comes with two inserts which are held into the body by a long screw which is tightened through the rear of the receiver and will hold the arrows directly, without slippage.

One insert is sized to fit snuggly into any arrow which uses a G nock. Two sleeves are supplied which will allow this insert to fit both X nock and H nock arrows.

The second insert does arrows which use pin nocks, holding the pin by the hole in the insert. It also does arrows which use Super nocks (.246 carbon, Super Uni-bushings, etc.) by fitting the insert into the back of the arrow. If the pin holder becomes too loose, just gently squeeze the segments together with a small plier until it holds the pin tightly again..

An adjustable upper support plate is mounted using the template and hardware included with the kit. Once the arrow is mounted in the jig, the plate is adjusted to support the upper end of the shaft. Older arrows with glue on nocks can still be done using the old receiver.

The complete kit sells for $30 ea. with a 10% discount being offered when ordering three or more kits. Normal shipping will add $4 to your total, except for large orders and overseas orders. The shipping on those will be calculated before the order is sent

To order, send $30 for each kit, minus any discount earned, to Pay Pal address info@60xcustomstrings.com. For U.S. orders of 1 to 3 kits, add $4.00 for shipping.
Call (724) 525-3972 for other shipping rates or to order by credit card.


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