What to Buy if You are a Beginner Level Archer

If you are just beginning your journey as an archer, here are some accessories that you must buy to begin your archery journey. These are crucial pieces of equipment that are necessary to participate in the sport:


This is pretty self explanatory and should not come as a surprise. You must have a bow to pull and shoot arrows on target. This is a basic equipment that is required by everyone whether they are a novice or an expert. If you are a beginner, a recurve bow is a good start.

Bow Stringer

A bow stringer is what will allow you to string your bow. This is an essential tool to every recurve bow. You will be using your body weight to bend the bow to place the string over the limb tips. The older generation used a different method for this step, however, the step-through method is not recommended because it is not safe for you or your bow.


You have a bow ready but what are you going to shoot? Arrows. So, this is yet another basic and important piece of equipment. You need arrows. You need to buy more than arrow so that you don’t have to run every time you shoot one to target practice. Most probably, you will get to buy arrows in a pack of 6 which is a good thing.

Nocking Points

You need a place to nock your arrow to shoot them consistently. Therefore, you will need a nocking point that is fixed right in the middle of the bow. This is where you will pull back your arrow and shoot it. This will also make shooting arrows more stable allowing you to shoot more accurately.


You will need dummy targets with faces and rings or circles to shoot arrows at. This will help you get better with your aim and allow you the opportunity to practice at home or anywhere you feel comfortable.

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