Advantages and Disadvantages of Composite Bows

Composite bows are of the most widely used bows in the world. In this article, we will look at some of the major advantages and disadvantages of composite bows.

Advantages of Composite Bows

One of the main advantages of a composite bow is that it is a lot smaller in size and generally more powerful when compared with the less powerful self bows. This is because self bows are made from a single piece of wood while composite bows are made from several smaller pieces laminated together to function as a single unit, providing strength and flexibility.


This is why archers use composite bows when in motion like riding horses or chariots trying to shoot their target.

Composite bows are also known as recurve bows due to their shape. The curve of the bow is usually away from the archer giving him better control, more draw height, and more energy due to the additional draw weight.

It is the most widely used bow for flight shooting because of these advantages that were discussed above.

Disadvantages of Composite Bows

Composite bows are difficult to make and usually take a lot more time than other bows like laminated and self bows. They also demand a number of different types of materials to be constructed. Animal glue is used in the construction which is known to lose its strength under humid conditions. One way to tackle this problem is to store the bows in leather cases which is not a great solution but gets the job done.

Composite bows have much less advantage if the archer is not mounted on a horseback or a moving vehicle. In the old days, especially in medieval Europe, hunters favored self bows over composite bows because of these disadvantages.

So, keep these points in mind when you are out buying a bow.

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